YEAR 2008:
First company to launch liposomal plant stem cells
-winner of the Best Active Ingredient Award.
-Innovation Award 2008 awarded by the BSB European Cosmetics Association.

Formula based on Swiss apple stem cells, Uttwiler Spätlauber, with a high regenerative capacity.

Multiply your Infinite beauty

Stem skin cells are extraordinary: they have the ability to multiply almost infinitely. Eternal stimulates regeneration in each and every layer of the skin and reverses sthe cellular ageing process known as senescence.

After more than 15 years on the market, this extraordinary range is evolving, now adding the rejuvenating capacity of plant plasma rich in cellular factors to the regenerative power of plant stem cells. In this way, as well as protecting and stimulating the growth of new skin cells, it prevents ageing or senescent tissues from reproducing.

The result is a redensified, younger looking skin for eternal beauty.

The Technology that enhances the life of your skin


Eternal targets the reproductive and mimetic capacity of healthy cells: the combination of plant stem cells stimulates the skin's dermoepidermal and hypodermal stem cells which are essential for maintaining the density and thickness of youthful skin.
Furthermore, the range has been reformulated, incorporating a technology that prevents ageing cells from reproducing. The new active ingredient is plasma rich in cellular factors from plant stem cells, which is able to reverse the process of cell senescence, being essential for rejuvenating the dermal layer.
It has a powerful effect on each of the different layers of the skin: the epidermis, the dermis, and the hipodermis. A combination that enhances the life of the skin.

New formula for an eternal beauty

Science and nature merge in this new formula, which combines the use of biotechnology and the properties of active plant ingredients.
The secret of eternal beauty is now strengthened thanks to the power of three ingredients: Swiss Apple, Goji Bays & Centella Asiatica.